2017 Honda Ridgeline Cargo Capacity: Versatility Meets Style

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    Montana drivers searching for a versatile new pickup truck, you owe it to yourselves to explore the 2017 Honda Ridgeline cargo capacity firsthand. We have a breakdown of the cabin storage compartments and the features of the truck bed that make the Ridgeline stand out in a class of midsize trucks that are little more than a cab and a bed. As the start of a new generation for the pickup, the 2017 Ridgeline kept much of what drivers loved of the old model and added quite a few exciting updates.

Cabin Storage

We know most drivers look to a truck’s bed for their storage needs—and this truck has a bed ready for all of your gear—but we think you’ll be surprised by just what the 2017 Honda Ridgeline cab cargo capacity lets you carry. The spacious crew cab comfortably seats up to five passengers and features a diverse selection of storage spaces, including:


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Console Storage: The Ridgeline redesign has brought it in line with the needs of the modern driver, and the console storage area has space for a 10-inch tablet, located conveniently near the USB charging outlet. Room for a tablet means space for your smartphone and other essentials, kept in reach but out of the way.

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Rear Under-Seat Storage: Just because you’ve filled all five seats of the Ridgeline doesn’t mean you’re out of room; the under-seat storage space makes 2.9 cubic feet available for backpacks, groceries, and tools.

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60/40-Split Folding Rear Seat: When you need more space, the Ridgeline is ready. Fold up part or all of the rear seat and rest tall cargo like a flat-screen TV on the cab floor. There’s even enough room for a full-size bicycle without taking either wheel off.


With 109.7 cubic feet of passenger space in the cabin and the convenience of 60/40-split folding rear seats, the Ridgeline cabin offers more versatility than some truck beds.

Deep Truck Bed

The 2017 Honda Ridgeline truck bed offers more cargo capacity than its 5-foot by 5-foot-4-inch size lets on. Honda’s truck bed has a wide range of features that aren’t found on competing midsize trucks, like the dual-action tailgate and a lockable in-bed trunk. Here’s just a glimpse of what the Ridgeline truck bed has to offer:


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Haul Plywood and Drywall: You can move full-size sheets of essential construction materials in a Ridgeline; just open up the tailgate and pile the sheets between the wheel wells.

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Deep Bed: The Ridgeline bed is deep enough for full-size tool boxes loaded with all of the essentials, even large cases for your drills and saws. Tuck it all out of sight beneath a hard tonneau cover for a streamlined look.

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In-Bed Trunk: This Ridgeline-exclusive feature is back, giving you a secure place to store tools and personal items. The 7.3-cubic-foot space also has a drain on the bottom for easy cleaning and so it can double as a cooler.

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Dual-Action Tailgate: Fold the tailgate down to make room for longer cargo or open it from the side to easily hop up into the bed to grab your tools.

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SMC Composite Bed: There’s no need for a bed liner on the Ridgeline; the composite bed is designed for heavy-duty wear and tear without the scratches and scrapes common on steel beds.

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In-Bed Tie-Downs: Secure that 4×4 before heading out onto the highway or keep the mixture of 5-gallon buckets, tool boxes, and loose gear secure with standard in-bed tie-downs.


Whether you’re headed to the job site or taking the bikes out for an off-road adventure with the kids, the versatile truck bed and 33.9 cubic feet of space ensures you’ve got room for nearly anything you’ll need. And don’t worry, if you need even more storage, the Ridgeline can tow up to 5,000 pounds on all-wheel drive models.

Test Drive a Ridgeline

We can quote storage specs to you and talk about how easy it is to fit a bike in the cab of Honda’s truck (just fold up the rear seat), but the best way to understand the 2017 Honda Ridgeline cargo capacity is to see it in person. Visit a Montana Honda Dealer near you today to get behind the wheel of a Ridgeline and get a real feeling for how spacious the cabin is and just how much gear you can fit in that truck bed.

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