How You Can Get a Free Oil Change with Honda Service Pass

Published: 05-19-2023

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Honda Service Pass is a new, comprehensive maintenance program that is designed to help Honda owners keep their Honda models in top condition. The program is included with the purchase of a new Honda car, and is a convenient way to help owners stay on top of regular maintenance and repairs, including tire rotations and oil changes -- which are free with Service Pass.

Getting a free oil change with Honda Service Pass is easy. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Purchase a New Honda vehicle: The Honda Service Pass is a benefit that comes with 2023 Honda models. If you've recently purchased a new Honda, check with your local dealer if you're eligible for the Honda Service Pass program.
  • Activate Your Honda Service Pass: Once you've purchased a new Honda, don’t forget to activate the service pass. You can do so at the Honda Owners website or using the HondaLink app.
  • Schedule a Service Appointment: Once your Honda Service Pass is activated, you can schedule a service appointment at your local Honda dealership. Be sure to mention your Honda Service Pass when scheduling your appointment.
  • Take Your Service Pass with You: When you get to the dealership, the professional technicians will ask to see your Service Pass -- They will verify that your pass is valid and that you're eligible for a free oil change.
  • Enjoy Your Free Oil Change: Oil changes are one of the services that are complimentary with the Service Pass, helping you save money and keeping your vehicle running smoothly and reliably.

Honda Service Pass is a great value for new car owners, helping them save money down the line.

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