An Overview of the Newly-Designed 2024 CR-V

Published: 07-05-2023

Honda Dealers Blog Post

The all-new 2024 Honda CR-V, coming in late 2023 or early 2024, delivers an exciting combination of performance ability, modern safety technology, and even better fuel efficiency than before. 

A New Generation of Hybrid Cars

The freshly designed lineup of the midsize SUV will also feature a hydrogen-powered hybrid plug-in model that offers increased gas mileage and a reduced carbon footprint.

The hydrogen-powered CR-V engines will include two separate hydrogen (H2) tanks placed in the rear of the vehicle along with the optional battery plug-in. The battery plug-in is so small that Honda engineers have rarely included it in diagrams of the technologically-advanced, sustainable SUV.

Other 2024 CR-V Updates

One of the most obvious and noticeable exterior features that 2024 CR-V owners will see is the sporty honeycomb grill and enhanced exterior design. The new CR-V is also a slightly larger model that’s been designed with a more powerful and stable base. 

A premium 12-speaker system is included with select trims along with heated front seats for additional comfort and entertainment accessibility. 

Advanced Honda Sensing 360 technologies provide complete protection and driver warnings from virtually any angle. Collision mitigation systems also help to support distracted drivers by alerting them of hazards on the road and taking corrective action when necessary. 

The upgraded safety systems result in nearly zero blind spots while driving in the city or on the distractingly beautiful Montana highways. Some specific new safety technologies include blind-spot monitoring, traffic recognition, forward collision warning, and an automated braking system. 

Additional storage space in the larger SUV design gives drivers the cargo room they need for weekend adventures in the Montana wilderness or passenger room. New CR-Vs will also be able to combine their EV range and a hybrid system for efficient daily commuting and extended journeys. 

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All of these features make the 2024 Honda CR-V one of the most entertaining, safe, and advanced crossover SUVs on the market. Visit your closest Montana Honda Dealers to learn more about different trim options and the all-new hydrogen-powered model.